Jönköpings Gevärsfaktori, was established by King Gustav II Adolf in 1689. The company produced armament. A new company, Husqvarna Vapenfabriks, was founded in 1867.  In 1894 the company introduced a typewriter called Sampo. It was the first typewriter produced in Sweden.  The designer was a Finn, dr. Rafael Herzberg (1845-1895) from Helsinki. 

Sampo is the name of a fantastic machine that turns stone into bread in the Finnish national epic saga Kalevala. The type writer was designed by a Swedish-speaking Finnish engineer, and he of course know this saga and thought that his type writer was a fantastic machine.

 Sampo is an index typewriter similar to the German Hammonia introduced in 1882. Production ceased in 1895. About 2000 were produced. Only about 20-30 of this unusual typewriter has been found. Today Husqvarna Group produces products for forest, park and garden care.